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What We Offer

On-demand technical consulting support to meet any and all of your technological needs. If you need to learn how to navigate your applications and systems with confidence or need a full on consulting project, we can help.

Work from Home Support

It has been a roller coaster trying to adapt to the work home situation, especially when it is a last minute change. If you are struggling with this adoption, give us a call. We can walk you through laptop setup, Google G-Suite setup, Office setup -- you name it we can help you with it.


Time to automate your processes? Work from home means less post office interaction or run-of-the mill office equipment. We can help you automate simple business processes to help manage your time more effectively. 

Web Development

Need help with web development, let us know. We can help you design your website, make changes, or simply provide ongoing maintenance.

Application Configuration

Need an on-demand developer? We have got you covered with knowledge of most CRMs, Office Suite, G-Suite, TaskCentre, Advanced Ecxel, Sharepoint, Teams, and many many others.


Need a great digital marketing idea? Call us and we can help guide you in designing your very own brand! Once your brand has been designed, we can help you launch your first campaign.

IT help

Need a screenshare to help solve a computer problem? Let our consultants be your on-demand by the hour IT help desk.


Fast Support

Per hour up to 4 hours
Help Desk Call in Support via Screenshare
Follow-up email with detailed call notes, and any instructions discussed on the call.


Per hour, minimum 4 hours
4 hours of support to use anytime you like, just schedule an appointment
Follow-up email with detailed call notes, and any solutions discussed on the call.
Two follow up email responses per issue.
Access to our support blog.


Call us: it's time for a project.
End to end project management
User Training

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